Sunday, 20 March 2016

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest- 4th Planet Games Store Championship – 20th March 2016

Was a very nice quiet drive to Wrexham for this event, was a very excited for the tournament as this is what I had been building towards with my Ragnar Blackmane deck, this was the final stop on my journey and I could see the potential light at the end of the tunnel, a first round bye at a regional event. There was a small turnout of 5 players, which was still pretty cool considering the TO was only expecting 2 originally and everyone seemed pretty friendly too which always helps.  

My first round game was against a chap named Matthew, who was piloting Commander Shadowsun, this was my first encounter against Shadowsun while I had been running Blackmane and Matt seemed like a sound fella. Sadly it was reminiscent of my first round game on the 19th March 2016, the chap had little experience and I managed to pick up the victory pretty quickly. A nice way to start though!

1st Round – Win – 1-0

For my 2nd round I managed to get a bye, worried me a little tbh as I figured strength of schedule would end up being the determining factor for the winner (true story) and I figured this would hurt my chances of picking up 1st place.

2nd Round – Bye – 2-0

In my final game of the day I got paired up with Mark, who was running Cato Siccarius, I was quite confident here as I have played Cato multiple times and managed to come out ahead. It was a good game, had a few shock moments when Mark’s first move was dropping a dreadnought at planet 1. Freaked me out a little I will be honest and I worked hard to avoid it. I won this match after a warlord KO putting at 15 points on the score sheet.

3rd Round – Win - 3-0

3 rounds of swiss later we did not need to go to a cut and after the TO painstakingly worked our strength of schedule it turned out that I had just scrapped the first place. Was a good event, everyone seemed friendly and I would happily go to another event there too.  Moving forward I am really looking forward to playing at a regional event, will be a great experience I think and a first round bye certainly helps my scores going into the event.

Thanks for reading this, if you are interested in picking up an LCG I would certainly recommend Conquest and must admit that this is one of the best card games I have ever played; trust me I have played a lot. So please support this amazing game if have any interest in Warahmmer 40K or card games in general.

I’m Big Boss.... I’m out..... Peace


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